1950’s Italian, a pair of vintage bedroom chairs in original orange velvet, with brass sabots on front feet.

H-80cm. or 31.5in. W-55cm. or 21.65in. D-45cm. or 17.72in. Seat Height-40cm. or 15.75in.

Italian, 1950’s a pair of elegant side chairs, with a hole in the rest back, with the light polished feet and the brass sabot, reupholstered in purple velvet.

H-85cm. or 33.46in. W-55cm. or 21.65in. D-60cm. or 23.62in. Seat Height-35cm. or 13.78in.

Italian 1940’s a pair of height back chairs on the bleach wooden feet, and reupholstered in silver velvet.

H-100cm. or 39.37in. W-43cm. or 16.93in. D-40cm. or 15.75in. Seat Height-45cm. or 17.72in.

1940’s Italian single bedroom chair newly re-upholstered in combination of the grey and green velvet on black polished wooden feet.

H-70cm. or 27.56in. W-45cm. or 17.72in. D-50cm. or 19.68in. Seat Height-35cm. or 13.78in.

Italian 1960’s, Original brown leather director’s chair stamped Fendi logos in the leather, frame in brass in the shape of bamboo. From the Fendi show room in Roma.

H-90cm. or 35.43in. W-45cm. or 17.72in. D-43cm. or 16.93in. Seat Height-40cm. or 15.75in.

Italian 1950’s side chair in original condition on wooden feet, attributed to Gio Ponti.

H-75cm. or 29.5in. W-58cm. or 22.83in. D-60cm. or 23.62in. Seat Height-40cm. or 15.75in.

Italian 1950’s height back side or bedroom chair re-upholstered in red fabric with a piping on the back, on wooden feet.

H-100cm. or 39.37in. W-45cm. or 17.71in. D-50cm. or 19.68in. Seat Height-16.5in.

A pair of Italian 1940s bedroom chairs in bleach wood simulating ivory and polished black back legs and original pink satin. Attributed to G. Ulrich.

W-56cm. or 22.04in. H-80cm. or 31.49in. D-80cm. or 31.49in.

Seat Height-45cm. or 17.71in.

Belgium 1970’s set of three bar stools in chrome by Belgo Chrome

Overall size 95cm. or 37.5in. seat height 82cm. or 32.28in. seat 35cm. or 13.77in. square

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Swedish 1970’s set of four barstools in steel ( in original condition )

H-73.5cm or 29in. D-27cm. or 10.5in.