Spectacular, rare, large dining table by Romeo Rega, on two chrome and brass antique polished bases and top with a mirror sections. W-220cm. or 86.61in. D-112cm. or 44.09in. H-75cm. or 29.53in.

1960’s Italian Centre Table with a grey marble base and column in steel and a smoke glass and mirrored in the center. H-71cm. or 27.95in. D-120cm. or 47.24in.

50’s Italian dining table of organic form, in mahogany with red glass top and brass sabots.

W-198cm. or 77.95in. H-84cm. or 33.07in. D-98cm. or 38.58in.

Italian 1960’s game table in chrome, brass and inlay board of the chess in marble. Designed by Romeo Rega.

H-70cm. or 27.56in. D-70cm. or 27.56in

Italian 70’s Modernist, marble metal and glass top table,

Two woman figures supporting thick glass top.

H-78cm. or 30.70in. W-200cm. or 78.74in. D-95cm. or 37.40in.

A French 70’s in the style Ruhlmann,  Macassar games table, a shagreen mounted top with a raised edge, on shaped legs mounted with chrome sabots, 76cm. or 29.92in. square, 76cm. or 29.92in. high, together with two matched armchairs


The parcel-gilt bronze supports modelled as seated figures, the later glass top with canted corners, L-213.5cm. or 7ft. W-102.5cm. or 40in.H-76cm. or 30in.