1940’s Italian set of six dining chairs in walnut and original upholstery designed by Pier Luigi Colli.

H-100cm. or 39.37in. W-45cm. or 17.72in. D-50cm. or 19.68in. Seat Height 50cm. or 19.68in.

1940s Italian set of eight dining chairs with original upholstery, dark polish and gild middle part, with brass sabot on the front feet.

H-96cm. or 37.8in. W-46cm. or 18.11in. D-55cm. or 21.65in. Seat Height 46cm. or 18.11in.

A set of twelve  Italian 50’s black polished dining chairs, with pierced twin bar splats, white upholstered seats and tapered legs with gilt metal sabots. H-95cm. or 37.49in. D-46cm. or 18.15in. W-47cm. or 18.50in. SH-52cm. or 20.50in.