Italian three piece suite with gilt wooden frame and original flower fabric, suite also have two extra side chairs.

Sofa: H-90cm. or 35.5in. W-157cm. or 62in. D-70cm. or 27.5in. SH-50cm. or 19.5in.

Armchairs: H-86cm. or 34in. W-66cm. or 26in. D-55cm. or 21.5in. SH-50cm. or 19.5in.

Side chairs: H-88cm. or 35in. W-45cm. or 18in. D-45cm. or 18in. SH-19.5in.

This unusual sofa in extraordinary shape reupholstered in purple velvet, on the gilt wooden feet, Italy, circa 1940s.

H-90cm. or 35.43in. W-230cm. or 90.55in. D-70cm. or 27.56in. Seat Height-45cm. or 17.72in.

1950 Italian curved sofa on polished brass feet and been re-upholstered in combination of the brown and cream velvet.

1940’s Italian Sofa re-upholstered in green velvet, with polished wooden front and decorative brass sabot.

By Guglielmo Ulrich.

H-75cm. or 29.53in. W-240cm. or 94.48in. D-95cm. or 37.4in. Sat Height-50cm. or 19.68in.

Italian 1950’s elegant sofa reupholstered in grey and light green velvet with brass feet.

H-100cm. or 39.37in. W-210cm. or 82.67in. D-90cm. or 35.43in. Seat Height-40cm. or 15.75in.

Italian 1930’s large Hollywood Baroque sofa in original condition by Pier Luigi Colli.

H-85cm. or 33.46in. W-225cm. or 88.58in. D-85cm. or 33.46in

Italian 1950’s two seater sofa in the style of the Gio Ponti, reupholstered in silver velvet, on the brass feet.

W—150cm. or 59in. H-85cm. or 33.46in. D-75cm. or 29.52in. Seat Height- 45cm. or 17.71in.

Italian 1950’s unusual vintage sofa in the style of the Mae West Lips, by Salvador Dali. Reupholstered in red and grey velvet on the brass feet.

W-180cm. or 70.86in. H-100cm. or 39.37in. D-100cm. or 39.37in. Seat Height-50cm. or 19.68in.

An Italian 1950’s sofa in original condition
W-196cm. or 77.16in. H-100cm. or 39.37in. D-90cm. or 35.43in.

This unusual sofa in very extraordinary shape reupholstered in red velvet, on the wooden feet, Italy, circa 1950’s.

W-215cm. or 84.65in. H-86cm. or 33.86in. D-80cm. or 31.5in. SH-45cm. or 17.72in.

An Italian three-piece suite, 1950s, each piece upholstered in grey, raised on brass supports with caps. Armchairs W-75cm. or 29.52in.  D-70cm. or 27.55in. H-105cm. or 41.33in.  SH-41cm. or 16.14in.  Sofa W-175cm. or 68.89in.

PARISI ICO Style (1916 – 1996).  50’s Italian sofa on brass a brass feet, original upholstery in orange fabric W-296cm.or 9.7113 Foot. x H-100cm. or 39.37in.D-90cm. or 35.43in.