Italian three piece suite with gilt wooden frame and original flower fabric, suite also have two extra side chairs.

Sofa: H-90cm. or 35.5in. W-157cm. or 62in. D-70cm. or 27.5in. SH-50cm. or 19.5in.

Armchairs: H-86cm. or 34in. W-66cm. or 26in. D-55cm. or 21.5in. SH-50cm. or 19.5in.

Side chairs: H-88cm. or 35in. W-45cm. or 18in. D-45cm. or 18in. SH-19.5in.

This unusual sofa in extraordinary shape reupholstered in purple velvet, on the gilt wooden feet, Italy, circa 1940s.

H-90cm. or 35.43in. W-230cm. or 90.55in. D-70cm. or 27.56in. Seat Height-45cm. or 17.72in.

1950 Italian curved sofa on polished brass feet and been re-upholstered in combination of the brown and cream velvet.

1940’s Italian Sofa re-upholstered in green velvet, with polished wooden front and decorative brass sabot.

By Guglielmo Ulrich.

H-75cm. or 29.53in. W-240cm. or 94.48in. D-95cm. or 37.4in. Sat Height-50cm. or 19.68in.

Italian 1950’s elegant sofa reupholstered in grey and light green velvet with brass feet.

H-100cm. or 39.37in. W-210cm. or 82.67in. D-90cm. or 35.43in. Seat Height-40cm. or 15.75in.

Italian 1930’s large Hollywood Baroque sofa in original condition by Pier Luigi Colli.

H-85cm. or 33.46in. W-225cm. or 88.58in. D-85cm. or 33.46in

Italian 1950’s two seater sofa in the style of the Gio Ponti, reupholstered in silver velvet, on the brass feet.

W—150cm. or 59in. H-85cm. or 33.46in. D-75cm. or 29.52in. Seat Height- 45cm. or 17.71in.

Italian 1950’s unusual vintage sofa in the style of the Mae West Lips, by Salvador Dali. Reupholstered in red and grey velvet on the brass feet.

W-180cm. or 70.86in. H-100cm. or 39.37in. D-100cm. or 39.37in. Seat Height-50cm. or 19.68in.

An Italian 1950’s sofa in original condition
W-196cm. or 77.16in. H-100cm. or 39.37in. D-90cm. or 35.43in.

This unusual sofa in very extraordinary shape reupholstered in red velvet, on the wooden feet, Italy, circa 1950’s.

W-215cm. or 84.65in. H-86cm. or 33.86in. D-80cm. or 31.5in. SH-45cm. or 17.72in.

An Italian three-piece suite, 1950s, each piece upholstered in grey, raised on brass supports with caps. Armchairs W-75cm. or 29.52in.  D-70cm. or 27.55in. H-105cm. or 41.33in.  SH-41cm. or 16.14in.  Sofa W-175cm. or 68.89in.

PARISI ICO Style (1916 – 1996).  50’s Italian sofa on brass a brass feet, original upholstery in orange fabric W-296cm.or 9.7113 Foot. x H-100cm. or 39.37in.D-90cm. or 35.43in.

A large 20th Century red velvet upholstered retro style sofa settee in the style of the Vladimir Kagan C.1980’s. Single quarter size backrest to one end with all being raised on polished chrome legs. W-284cm. or 9.5 ft.D-84cm.or 33in.H-77cm. or 30in.

Please not there are rips to the fabric.